Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yesterday afternoon while driving Gavin home from school, I was talking to the kids about how beautiful the weather was (old mid-40s, sunny, spring in the air). Gavin told me that "Today is a Lamb day, some days are Lion days but today is a Lamb day." I had to laugh out loud at that one! Apparently at school he learned about the saying that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb!
Then this morning Owen asked me if he had to take a nap today, to which I replied Yes! Then he asked why some days he takes a nap and some days he doesn't. (Good question.) I answered that most days he takes a nap but there are some days he doesn't take one. So then he asked me, "Mommy, is today a Most day or a Some day?"
I am happy to report that today is a Most day!


  1. HEY! You have a blog! Fun! Thanks for stopping by mine. Now I know you're here I'll be back. Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

  2. So fun to find your blog! Gavin and Owen look so grownup! And what is baby #3's name? I have 3 boys too!

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